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Professional Voice Over Actor

Based in Toronto, Canada

Mike Tyler is on-air every week at EASY 101-3 with the eclectic Sunday Morning Rewind from 8am-11am. Listen online

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As a professional Voice Over actor, Mike specializes in the following skills and has done a considerable amount of work under the following categories.

Hire a Captivating Radio Commercial & Documentary Voice-Over Actor in Toronto

Whether you require a captivating voice for radio commercials, engaging narrations for documentaries, or a charismatic event host, Mike Tyler brings your words to life with his exceptional skills. With a reputation for excellence and a client-focused approach, Mike Tyler Voice Overs is the top choice for businesses in Toronto and beyond.

Mike Tyler’s Voice-Over Actor Services

Finding the perfect voice-over actor can be challenging. However, with Mike Tyler Voice Overs, you've found the voice talent you've been searching for. Mike is a highly skilled voice actor who understands the industry's nuances and can quickly adapt to various requirements.

Here's a breakdown of Mike's services:

  • Commercial Voice Overs: Do you need a captivating voice to elevate your radio commercials? Mike Tyler has lent his voice to numerous successful advertising campaigns. His ability to effectively connect with the audience and convey your message makes him the ideal choice for radio commercial voiceovers. His range and versatility ensure your commercial will stand out in the competitive Toronto market.

  • Audio Book Narration: Mike Tyler's voice isn't just perfect for commercials and events but also for audio book narration. Whether you have a gripping novel, an informative guide, or a captivating story, Mike's narration skills will bring your content to life. His warm and engaging voice will keep your listeners hooked from start to finish.

  • Documentary Voice-Over: Documentaries require a voice that can capture the subject matter's essence. Mike Tyler excels in providing documentary voice overs that are informative and emotionally resonant. His voice will ensure your documentary leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

  • Event Host Voice Actor: Are you organizing an event in Toronto and need a charismatic event host? Mike Tyler not only excels as a voice actor but also as an event host. His engaging presence and ability to connect with the audience make him a valuable asset for your event, ensuring its success.

  • TV Voice Actor: Mike Tyler offers exceptional voice acting skills for television productions. Whether it's a character in an animated series or a narrator for a documentary, his voice can add depth and resonance to your TV project.

When you choose Mike Tyler Voice Overs, you choose a seasoned professional passionate about delivering top-notch results. Based in Toronto, Mike is ready to collaborate and help you achieve your voice-over goals. Contact Mike Tyler Voice Overs today at 905-467-8272 to discuss your project, receive a quote, and experience the difference a talented voice actor can make for your content.


Mike Tyler is a versatile voice actor and a professional host who has experience voicing radio and television commercials, corporate and online videos, audio book narration and radio and TV imaging.  His sound is edgy, fun, fresh, friendly and hip.  Mike was chosen to narrate the Canada's 150th Birthday multi-episode series for The History Channel.  Mike's has also made several on-camera guest appearances for TSN and CHCH-TV and has demonstrated ad-lib ability through various opportunities.  Mike also does character voices and animation so he gets the most out of his broad range of delivery.  Best of all, Mike could also be voicing your next project!

Mike Tyler
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